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Bil-Jac Dog Food - Buying the Best for "Bowser"

There is a growing concern amongst dog owners and veterinarians, with regard to obesity in pets that are fed dry diets, partly because of their inability to process the complex carbohydrates of grains. Bil-Jac dog food has made it a priority, to overcome this problem in canine diets, and not only cut down on weight gain, but help those dogs who experience allergic type skin reactions due to the same incomplete absorption of the carbs.

Part of their solution, is to have the grains they use, grown to specific standards, so they are always top quality. In adding it to their dog kibble, a process unique to Bil-Jac, converts 98-99% of the carbohydrates to a simpler form, as opposed to competitors' 75-85% rate. Dogs digest more, and leave less behind them in the yard.

This special processing is also used in Bil-Jac's reduced fat dog food, where the emphasis is on the fresh chicken product content, and the reduction of unnecessary fillers. The crude fat proportion is reduced to 10%, while maintaining 17% protein content. Dogs who are overweight can lose pounds while maintaining healthy coats and bodies, and those with a tendency to obesity, can be put on this diet to keep their weight regulated.

Owners who love their pets, naturally want the best for them. It takes very little research into the nutritional needs of your dog, to see that Bil-Jac dog food ranks up there with the best brands on the market.

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