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A Car Seat Cover - Your Canine's Best Friend

Do you have a dog that goes everywhere with the family, and so does their hair and muddy feet? Eliminate the extra work of brushing and cleaning your vehicle, by picking up an inexpensive car seat cover.

Automobile seat covers are available in what is termed "full bench" for the back seat, or "half bench" for front/bucket seats. The key to saving yourself some work, is to get covers that will have some function and durability.

One of the most important features to check, is whether the material is porous, or does it shed water. Very few covers that protect car seats from dogs and their wet feet, will actually be waterproof. But you can get nylon based material, that will at least prevent the worst of a dripping dog from soaking into the seat, especially if it is a padded style that has some cotton underlining.

While brand name automobile makers may offer covers that fit the seats of the models they manufacture, those may not fit every other car. In general, car seat covers come in "standard" sizes, based on the measurements of the seat. For example, back seats often fall within a certain range for width, and for length from the top of the back, to the edge of the seat. However, the seats themselves may have different shapes, which affect how well the covers will fit. If it's too loose, the dog's or kids' movement will have it off in no time.

For the family pooch who likes a solitary ride with Mom or Dad, you might consider a set of car seat covers, since many a canine prefers the front seat to the back. Most styles can be machine washed, and come in as wild and wooly a pattern as you care to buy, although pet owners frequently choose a color that is close to the dog's own.

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