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Designer Dog Beds for the Canine Connoisseur

Have you often wondered why your bed is going to the dogs? The answer of course, is to get the dog its own, but not just any bed will satisfy them after yours. Designer dog beds are the "in" thing when you want your side of the blankets back at night.

If you have visions of canopies and other frills that come with fancy dog beds, don't worry. There are plenty of sets for the slumbering canine, that not only fit your budget, but fit into the doggie idea of comfort.

If you want to really have fun, it's possible to get dog beds in a variety of styles, which are made with the same material as your curtains, bedspread, or living room furniture. While the family relaxes on the rugged tweed couch, Fido is curled up in a sheepskin lined floppy bed, with a tweed outer shell.

Add a touch of whimsy with doggy-themed patterns, such as fire hydrants, postmen, game birds, doghouses, and naturally…fleeing cats.

However, the fact that it may be a designer dog bed, doesn't limit its functionality. For the aging canine you can find a variety of styles with extra thick cushions and removable covers for washing.

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