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Dog Agility - More Than Just "Go Fetch"

So you think your dog is pretty active? Does he/she like to run, jump and dash around things? Then you might have a dog agility star in the making!

This fast growing sport was imported from the U.K. in 1977, as a fun, competitive activity that utilized a dog's natural abilities and actions, such as jumping, running, and conquering natural obstacles that are in their way.

Only now the obstacles are man-made, involving dog dexterity equipment that can easily be made at home. However, if you are considering competition, you will want to have the obstacles made to regulation size and laid out according to competitive standards.

Basically, agility in dogs involves having the dog run a course, lead along it by the owner giving voice and hand commands. Many kennel clubs offer dog agility training for both purebreds and the family mutt, because it's a sport that has no other distinction, except for size, which is how the classes are broken down.

The layout for an agility competition will likely include an open tunnel, a closed tunnel, a table on which the dog pauses, a set of poles they will weave through, a balance beam/ramp, a see-saw, hanging tire, A-frame ramps, bar jumps, and a broad jump.

That may sound like a lot of work, but you'll be surprised how fast some dogs whip through the obstacles. And since the awarding of points is based on speed and adherence to rules on how each obstacle is to be approached or handled, your dog's agility is going to be one of the key factors, along with how well you can handle the course as well!

For the dog owner who wants to spend time doing something with their pet, whether purebred or not, dog agility becomes a fun, shared activity that you'll both enjoy, and the whole family can take part in.

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