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Dog clothes: fashionable or functional?

There are dog clothes to cover up pretty much every part of your dog's body. Let's see...There are dog shoes, dog jackets, dog hats and dog goggles. Dog apparel even includes tee shirts, dog sweaters, dog raincoats and who knows what's next!

Reasons that your dog needs clothes.
While it seems kind of human centric to believe that our canine friends need dog clothes, I can think of three occasions when they do!

1. Dog clothes provide protection from extreme cold. Sled dogs are known to wear dog boots and dog coats. So are a lot of dogs who live in snowy cold climates. Jackets add warmth where warmth is essential to health and endurance. Boots protect paws from the cold. And where street salts are used boots protect your pets paws from injury.

2. Dog clothes provide protection form environmental hazards. Search and rescue dogs wear dog boots when paw and pad safety is a concern. A dog who might get bitten by spiders and fire ants on his walks would also benefit from wearing dog boots.

3. Dog clothes provide protection from sunlight. Sled dogs may wear goggles to protect their eyes against cataracts from the constant snow glare. Working dogs and search and rescue dogs may wear dog goggles (doggles) for eye protection when conditions are windy and there is a lot of grit stirring in the air.

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