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Let your pet come and go with the freedom of a dog door!

There is no need to hesitate if you are thinking of installing a pet door. Wouldn't it be nice and worry free to let your pooch go out to do his thing or to just be able to get outside on a beautiful day whenever he wants. He can with a dog door.

The good news is that there are pet door options galore! Dog doors are available to install in your:

  • screen
  • window
  • sliding glass door
  • back door
  • wall
  • custom order

As for security, why not consider an electronic pet door? This is an excellent way to allow your dog access to the house while keeping out the neighborhood strays. These doors operate from a key collar worn by your pooch and open and close for him only.

Also, an electronic dog door usually comes with a manual switch for you to control in case you don't want your dog heading out door. Additional benefits to this type of door are security meaning unwanted visitors cannot gain access and if you have another pet which you'd like to remain indoors, without the right key collar, this pet won't be able to exit.

When choosing the right dog door for your house, be sure the size is appropriate. Most online merchants will include size specifications to make it easy for you. You may also select additional pet door design features like lock systems. Be sure to consider the features and benefits available to you before making your decision.

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