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Dog Shampoo - Bath Time For Boxers

Sooner or later, you're going to need dog shampoo for the canine member(s) of your family. A visit to your local pet store can be mind boggling as you look at row after row of bottles.

Many pet owners will just grab the first container they come to, but if you need medicated shampoo for your pet, then you should consult the store's employees, if you don't already have instructions from your vet.

Any general shampoo is good for most dogs, if your aim is to simply clean off the mud from romping outside with the kids, or chasing the neighbor's puppy. But there are specific shampoos for coat type, conditioning, and even to enhance the color, if you show your dog. White dogs are particularly hard to keep a true white, and there are specific "bluing" shampoos for them.

You can even get shampoos for that very distinctive doggy odor that is acquired from rolling around spilled garbage, dead things, or urine/feces in the case of puppies that have been crated or penned, together.

The one dog shampoo that an owner hopes they never have to buy, is for the removal of skunk odors. While dogs normally have good sense when it comes to odd animals, the skunk's "scents", will outweigh them every time. And the rancid oil that a skunk expels, is difficult to remove thoroughly. It becomes very pungent in wet weather if the coat is not completely stripped of the spray. Not all commercial shampoos are effective, and you may have to resort to the time-honored bar of laundry soap followed by a tomato juice rinse, or else the bath in a solution of hydrogen peroxide.

Some of the medicated shampoos that a dog may use over its lifetime, are for skin conditions such as dryness, fungal infections of the feet, excessive dandruff, or allergy related problems.

Whichever dog shampoo you do purchase, enlist some help to get more of it onto Fido, than you do on yourself. Bathing a dog can be challenging, depending on their size and cooperation, but it can also be a great time for fun photos!

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