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Dog-Themed Gifts - It's All in the Present

Have you got someone on your list, that every year you look at and say "but they have everything!" Well, if they have a beloved pooch, you have endless choices in dog-themed gifts, whether their canine comes with blueblood, or a Heinz 57 pedigree.

It's fairly easy to run out to the mall, and pick up a doggy T-shirt, or even matching T-shirts for the dog and owner. It's much more challenging, to make the gifts unique, but all that really requires, is a little inspiration.

Take the T-shirts for instance. If you have a local outlet that puts decals on shirts, you can work with them for a truly unusual pair of gifts. If not, find someone versed in printing transfers off their computer. Then go out and buy a T-shirt for the owner, and a plain doggy coat/shirt at the pet store. Have a transfer with the owner's photo made for the dog's shirt, and the dog for the owner's shirt.

If they're not into casual wear, you can always melt a heart by giving a dog-themed picture frame, and a gift certificate to have the dog and owner's portrait taken at a local studio. To really personalize it, buy a kit, or find a store that appliqués names on socks, and get one in the dog's name, to stick the frame and certificate in.

Once you've found a unique gift for your dog-loving friend, you might also find an unusual way to present it. Some stores, and occasionally malls, will offer a special service during holiday shopping, where you can have your gift wrapped in metal….by having it put in the appropriate sized can, and sealed. Most outlets that have this equipment, will also have dog-themed wrappers/labels for the cans.

Just imagining the smiles on their faces can make the gift as much fun for you, as it will be for them!

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About the Author: Betty Sleep is a freelance writer/editor from New Brunswick, Canada, whose work has appeared in print and other media, for almost 30 years. Her specialties are humor and historical material. She is the author of "Ten Minute Trivia" and the Purrlock Holmes children's novels and is a contributing author to, an online resource for the best dog supplies and accessories available online.



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