dog-treats-and-dog-toys  Show your dog how good he's been with a healthy and nutritious dog treat. Or a dog toy that keeps him entertained for hours.  


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Good Boy! And to show him what a good dog he's really been, how about a healthy and nutritious dog treat that tastes divine? Or a dog toy that keeps him entertained for hours?

Yes, times have changed and for the better. Dog treats no longer consist of just tired rawhide or bone-shaped biscuits. Not that these are bad, it's just that dog bones and dog biscuits have evolved into highly nutritious gourmet treats! In fact, once you see the healthy, natural ingredients that go into these delicious dog snacks, you may want to improve your own snack diet.

Dog Treats and Toys - Best Sellers
Made in the USA of 100% natural rubber. Kong dog toys are puncture resistant and chewer friendly.

What exactly are healthy dog treats?
So what kind of dog treats might your pooch be craving? offers a variety of non-beef chew treats made with 100% all white chicken. Or healthy low fat turkey jerky strips. If your pet longs for a day at the beach, why not try the delectable Icelandic fish skin chews? How about freeze-dried dog treats that come in turkey or chicken liver? They are easy to break into smaller pieces, ideal for training. What better way to let your pet know he's been 'very good'.

As for timeless dog treats what better choice than dog bones? We recommend your pet be introduced to a tasty meaty barbell bone of dry roasted pork. For extra healthy dog bones try 100% all-natural, dry roasted beef bones. And if your dog is on the large side, or just thinks he's big, then a 'Colossal Bone' is just the thing.

How about some fun dog toys?
We are certain that this superb selection of dog treats available for order on the internet will give your dog an exciting gourmet experience. Also, our merchants will surely up the anti on your pet's pleasure with a blissful selection of dog toys.

Choose dog toys by breed, brand, size or type. Don't forget to check out the birthday clubs or monthly delivery of pet toys. It may sound comical but is it really possible to over indulge our pooches with too many toys?

With brand names such as Fat Cat, Sun Pet and Multipet dog toys you'll have no trouble keeping your dog entertained. Consider a pet toy box as a great way to keep everything neat and tidy after the fun is over.


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