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When you have a big dog you need an extra large dog bed for him to sleep on

A big dog in the house calls for an extra large dog bed. Here are a few suggestions to fit the mid-sized to much larger pooch. First is the corner bed by Caddis. This is a super soft dog bed that is rounded on one side and has a right angle on the other side to give your dog maximum sleeping surface with the minimum use of space measuring 44" x 44" x 64". The corner side has a raised edge for your dog to rest his head. Ahhh, makes you want to stretch out and take a nap yourself. And when things start to get a bit dirty and smelly, you can remove the poly-cotton cover and throw it into the wash. One thing to note - this bed is not chew proof

Another recommended pet rest is 'Beasley's Couch', available in medium, large and XL. A great piece of pet furniture with a U shaped bolster running along the edge. Your dog finds comfort and you get the couch to yourself. The base if made with medical grade orthopedic foam and is CFC free. Again, the cover is washable and so is the entire bed, if needed. The teal / paw print pattern on the cover hides the dirt well but alas, this bed is also not chew proof.

Finally, the ever popular Big Shrimpy dog bed which is very easy to disassemble and wash, key when you own a large and sometimes wet and dirty large dog. This beds smells great once it is washed, clean and put back together. You may want to take it to a laundry mat so you can use a triple load washer as well as a commercial dryer. This will save you waiting hours at home for each piece to dry. And what better pet furnishing to have on hand if your large pooch thinks it's a lap dog. Now you can accommodate him in the house without losing your space on the couch.

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