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Set your favorite pet up in a heated dog house

A heated dog house will provide your pet with not only a dry but also a warm place to go during nasty winter and spring weather. This is a great way to go, especially if you don't have the space in your home for a large, wet and dirty dog. Your pet is happier because he can go outside when he pleases but also has a warm and dry dog house to retreat to when playtime is over. You're happier because you don't have to hover around drying off feet and fur with a towel.

Keep your pet warm this winter with heated dog house or dog bed. Find them at Amazon.

When considering a heated house for your pet there are several ways to go. You can opt for an insulated dog house with a magnetic dog door or for really cold climates, the addition of a heated back panel. If the weather is not really that bad where you live but some nights get really cold, you can purchase heated dog bed or dog pad to add to his home on chilly nights. Make sure to use a heating pad manufactured specifically for a dog as products made for humans can be too hot for your pet. And these products are made with safety in mind using low voltage, waterproofing and chew-proofing.

You can find a range of house sizes to fit your pet, large, medium and small. There is also a range of materials to suit your individual backyard. Choose from plastic, wood, pvc or galvanized steel, completely finished or ready to paint. Prices range from about $50 for
a heated dog mat to $450 for a fully insulated, heated house. Whatever your need there is a dog house out there to make you and your pet very happy.

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