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When it comes to the best dog products, dog supplies, and dog accessories available, A1 Dogs is your complete online resource guide

We all love our dogs! Such loyal friends and members of our family, what else can we give them but all of our love? Well, we have some suggestions. We've done the research and are proud to offer you a comprehensive guide to the best dog products and dog accessories available on the internet. We may even have products for your dog that you had not considered.

Before we go any further, just have to insert this great infographic about the dog's bark...(except that we, in no way, endorse any of the methods mentioned in the graphic to stop barking - our recommendation is training, plenty of love and treats).

Products that will make your dog's life better.
For instance, if you live in the chillier regions of the country some of the dog products your pet may need are of a protective nature like dog boots and dog coats. We review everything from the toughest outdoor gear to the finest in dog apparel.

And when it comes to products for your dog's health we've got you covered. Pick up your prescription and non-prescription dog medications online at discount prices. Order nutritious organic dog food for your favorite pet and add in some spoiling dog treats as well.

Dog Supplies - Favorite Merchants

Think of something for your dog and you'll find it on Amazon. Free Shipping on orders of $25 or more.

A full range of supplies for your dog.
The good news is that it is no longer necessary to drive all over town looking for the right dog supplies. The extensive list of top quality products our merchants offer will meet all your pet needs. Dog grooming accessories? Sure, what do you need? Dog training aids? Got 'em! Dog beds? Our merchants have a full range. Outfit your dog, feed your dog or find a great gift for a dog lover you know. All without ever having to look for parking!
We hope that you will find our site useful, convenient, and informative. Shopping for pet supplies has never been more fun!

~ Recent Articles ~

A dog harness may help your pet from injuring himself

While a dog harness will help keep your pulling dog from injuring and choking himself, it will also end the problem of your pooch slipping out of his collar and running off. Doesn't that just drive you crazy? Well, it can be very dangerous, especially if you are in the wilderness and your pet runs off chasing an animal, or back in the city, runs into a busy street.

Midwest Tubular Barrier & Extension -Safety For All of You

Even the best-behaved dogs in the world can become excited, frightened, or thrown in the event of a sudden stop or accident. That's why a dog vehicle barrier is a wise choice for carrying your canine friend with you in the car.

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If you are looking to find a dog friendly hotel for your family and family pooch- you are not alone.

Whatever, your travel plans or budget you can start your search to find a dog friendly hotel online.
Heartworm concerns are on the rise, especially as we travel more frequently with our dogs from state
to state.

Why, you ask may pet travel be a factor in the spread of heartworm disease and dog health problems? The answer lies with our culprit, the mosquito.

Know about your particular dog breed before choosing your pet.
Addressing your family's lifestyle needs before choosing your new family pet will ensure a happy match for all of you.
Dog bones will help keep your pet's jawbones strong and healthy.
Dog bones provide your animal with an enjoyable pastime and at times will help to relieve his boredom, frustration or anxiety.

Dog health is simple, so stick with the basics.
Get familiar with and learn about your particular dog breed or breed mixture; predisposed health risks pertain to certain dog breeds such as incidence of bladder cancer in Scottish Terriers are 20 times more frequent than other dog breeds.
Dog breed gifts make the perfect present for a canine lover!
Dog breed gifts will warm the heart of a proud pet owner and give you great satisfaction in knowing that you've bought something so meaningful! Dog breed gifts come in all shapes and sizes such as: mugs, umbrellas calendars, jewelry - you name it!


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