miniature-dogs Miniature dogs are the best fit when it comes to a small apartment  




Miniature dogs are the best fit when it comes to a small apartment.

Our homes are our castles but sometimes our castles are only seven hundred square foot apartments. It's hard enough managing room for yourself, let alone a four legged woofer. These are the situations that call for a scaled down pet like a miniature dog.

Miniature dogs or toy dogs are bred to be lap dogs. They make wonderful pets and there are many breeds to choose from. If you look at the American Kennel Club's website and look under toy breeds you will find a lot of good information as well as pictures of dogs.

Most toy breeds are hardy dogs with a longer-than-average life span (many or the larger breeds may only live 10 - 12 years). They are usually timid with strangers and many are not particularly fond of unfamiliar children so take care when visiting kids. Toy dogs usually make good watchdogs, although some have a hard time not barking.

Most toy breeds are less than 12 inches tall and weigh less than 12 pounds. The most popular toy breeds in the US are the Toy Poodle, Pomeranian and Yorkshire Terrier. Other familiar toy breeds include the Chihuahua, Shih Tzu, and Maltese.

Miniature dogs or toy dogs generally don't require as much exercise as other dog groups. This can be beneficial if you are not an overly active person. Why not sit and spend quiet time with your favorite friend. You know she'll love it!

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