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Non-Skid Dog Boots For Indoors - No More Slip Sliding Away!

Have you got an active and boisterous dog that thunders through the house, and slides around the corners into tables, people, and whatever else is in the way? Give him a little better traction, if not a sense of balance, by picking up a set of non-skid dog boots for indoors.

Protecting your hardwood floors from the pooch and damage from his nails, can be as simple as slipping a little something on his feet, instead of having his feet slipping all the way down the hall and across the living room.

Dog boots for indoors are made much the same way as the outdoor styles, with the exception of the fleece lining found in all weather or winter boots. Some models for home use do have the fleece, but you want to consider how comfortable this will be for your dog in hot weather, when the only way he has to sweat is through panting, or the soles of his feet.

Non-skid dog boots generally have soles of leather or suede, to give them a better grip, and to protect your hardwood flooring from scratches or gouging. The foot section is often made of Cordura Nylon, a material that breathes, and allows better airflow.

Unlike winter dog boots for outdoors, the indoor types have no upper leg portion, which also helps to cut down on the heat around their feet. There is more air circulation around the low cut top of the boot, which is secured by either Velcro straps, laces, or buckles, the choice of which depends largely on whether your dog is likely to take his shoes off, just like your toddler, and go barefoot whenever he gets a chance.

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