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Getting the perfect dog gift for you or your pet?

There are so many excellent gift choices for your pet that it can be tricky to make a decision. But if the dog gift is truly for the dog, you may want to consider quality time together as the number one present. Dogs love spending time with their owners. Social dogs like spending time with groups of people or other dogs. A good walk or hike through the neighborhood where your dog can sniff the territory will make his day.

After the hike, why not head to the beach, or park, or playground, somewhere safe and legal to let your dog off leash. Some cities have dog parks and the place is usually crowded with canines playing tag and getting lots of exercise. This is certainly an affordable dog gift.

Dog toys and delectable treats make excellent dog gifts.
Think of gift shopping for your pooch as you would for yourself. What does your dog like to play with? What kind of treats does he enjoy? There are a lot of dog gifts available online, choices you may not have considered.

If the dog gift is more a gift for dog lover then consider choosing apparel, or an item with dog's breed, like an Irish Terrier, pictured on front. People love to show off their beloved pets and why not, they're family, too!

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