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Know about your particular dog breed before choosing your pet
Addressing your family's lifestyle needs before choosing your new family pet will ensure a happy match for all of you.

Working dogs like guide dogs form a unique relationship with their handlers
Working dogs that serve as guide dogs are usually Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and German Shepherds because the traits these breeds possess.

How to select Halloween costumes for dogs
It's hard enough to decide who you're going to be for Halloween and coming up with a Halloween costume for dogs can be equally challenging.

Keep the cost of a dog house down by buying dog house plans
Dog house plans are the way to go especially if you are a do-it -yourself type person and enjoy building things.

Names for dogs, an American obsession
Choosing names for dogs can be as serious as naming your baby.

Service dogs truly work for their keep
Think about the idle and luxurious life most of our pampered pets experience compared to that of the hard working service dogs out there.

Some folks are just "big dogs" people!
Haven't you met people who are biased towards big dogs? They give you a look of disbelief and tell you that your small dog's not a real dog!

Why is my dog barking?
You want to control dog barking to make your pooch more pleasant to be around and to keep your neighbors, friends and family content when they are in the company of your pet.

Sled dogs loving the snow!
It's not easy being a sled dog. Putting up with tough, harsh conditions and a long hard pull.

You can find small dog breeds in all dog groups
These small-sized pooches can make excellent family pets but their temperaments will differ. It is important to know as much about the breed you are interested in before buying or adopting.

Maltese dogs make wonderful pets for city living
Maltese dogs really are the perfect lap dog. In Paris you will definitely encounter a French woman dining at a restaurant with her sweet Maltese companion on lap.

Miniature dogs are the best fit when it comes to a small apartment
Our homes are our castles but sometimes our castles are only seven hundred square foot apartments. These are the situations that call for a scaled down pet like a miniature dog.

Homemade dog food is a healthy and economical choice for your pet!
Making homemade dog food does not need to be a labor-intensive, time consuming struggle. In fact, it should be as easy as preparing a quick meal for yourself. One of the best ways to go is to purchase homemade dog food and then add in ingredients from home.

Solid gold dog food is available dry and canned for your pet
Solid gold dog food is a healthy choice for your pet. The ingredients within are all natural with no preservatives or chemicals.

Talking dog toys will keep your pet entertained!
With all the different kinds of dog toys being made today, talking dog toys, are certainly at the top! While safety can be a concern, many dogs play just fine with talking dog toys and don't require supervision when playing.

Dog swimming boots will protect you from your pet's claws!
Buying a pair of dog swimming boots will be good news for both of you! Have you ever been around a pool and felt like you needed to put on your sandals to protect your feet or keep from slipping when it gets wet?

Designer dog carriers offer function and lots of style for you and your pet!
Designer dog carriers are the ticket to get you and your pet ready to travel together! Why? Because designer dog carriers include all the important features for safety and comfort while including lots of style.

Lighted dog collars are designed to make your dog more visible in the dark!
Lighted dog collars offer protection for your loyal friend when you are together and apart. With lighted dog collars you can either set them to flash - or set them to stay on constantly, ensuring maximum safety.

Gourmet dog treats offer your pet something he can wag about!
There are numerous companies out there making gourmet dog treats just so that your dog can maintain his supreme quality of life! Gourmet dog treats, like Liver Biscotti, offer a healthy, yummy dog treats your pet will enjoy.

Wicker dog crates! A luxurious hideaway for your canine and your home decor
When you need to set up shop and get your pooch a place to call his own consider a wicker dog crate. That said, if your pet is a chewer, then rest assured, there will be wicker bits and pieces everywhere.

A Car Seat Cover - Your Canine's Best Friend
Do you have a dog that goes everywhere with the family, and so does their hair and muddy feet? Eliminate the extra work of brushing and cleaning your vehicle, by picking up an inexpensive car seat cover.

Bil-Jac Dog Food - Buying the Best for "Bowser"
There is a growing concern amongst dog owners and veterinarians, with regard to obesity in pets that are fed dry diets. Bil-Jac dog food has made it a priority, to overcome this problem in canine diets, and not only cut down on weight gain, but help those dogs who experience allergic type skin reactions due to the same incomplete absorption of the carbs.

Designer Dog Beds for the Canine Connoisseur
Have you often wondered why your bed is going to the dogs? The answer of course, is to get the dog its own, but not just any bed will satisfy them after yours. Designer dog beds are the "in" thing when you want your side of the blankets back at night.

Discount Dog Beds Are Good Bargains
If the family pooch is a little rough on your furniture, and even rougher on his own, you might want to consider a discount dog bed, where lower prices don't necessarily mean lowering the quality.

Dog Food Comparison - For the Love of Your Dog
As veterinarians report more and more diet-related problems in dogs, owners are doing their own dog food comparisons, to see if what they are feeding is actually a "good" food, or merely adequate.

Dog Lover Gifts - That will Send Them Through the Woof
When it comes to gift giving, if that special person has a special canine, you'll never lack for ideas in the way of dog lover gifts.

Supplements For Dogs - Balancing What's In Their Bowls
Throughout the life of your family pet, there will be times that you find they need something from the line of supplements for dogs, either because they have a specific problem or condition, or just as an extra measure to insure continued good health.

What do you mean my dog is overweight?
How did my dog get to be so overweight? First there are those treats for training - good dog - and another treat goes in.

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