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Dog beds, orthopedic beds, designer dog beds, heated dog beds, luxury dog beds and more.

Dog beds and pillows may sound like unnecessary luxuries, but doesn't your loyal pet deserve a comfy place to call his own? My dog loves her bed and prefers it over sharing a 'people' bed. She gets nervous if her bed has been moved or is unavailable while in the wash (poor thing). I am fortunate to have a great pet store down the street from where I live giving my dog the option to try before buying. If that's not the case where you live, Amazon is a great source of dog beds. Prices are very competitive and many sellers offer free shipping (if you subscribe to Amazon Prime - which is $79 a year - you'll get free 2 day shipping with no minimum). But the most helpful thing about Amazon are the customer reviews. People not only give reasons as to why they liked or disliked an item, they also give great tips such as 'the bed was too small for my 50lb dog' or 'this bed helped my dog get comfortable after his surgery'.

Dog Beds - Best Sellers
Find a great selection of dog beds on Amazon such as the Coolaroo, Midwest, the Canine Cooler as well as orthopedic dog beds, heated, cedar filled, and travel

Specialty Beds
If support is what is needed, for say, the older or arthritic dog, choose an orthopedic dog bed like "The Cannine Cooler" . The latter's fluid-enhanced design offers a constant cool but dry place to lay and plenty of support. For the under dressed pooch living in our chillier regions consider a dog bed with built in heater. (Also good for small dogs, dogs with short hair and frail older dogs). Most run on very low voltage and will allow you to plug the heating device into your car lighter so your little dog has a warm bed while on the move.

Travelling with your dog?
Dog mats and travel dog beds are a must for pets on the go. A carrier pad keeps Fido resting comfortably while traveling in the car. Be sure to look for a carrier liner with padded bumper sides for extra protection. By keeping your pet contained in a dog carrier while in the car you also cut down the risk of injury. Crates are definitely a useful tool if your young canine is not the most obedient passenger.

Or maybe you are travelling with a small dog?
For small dogs a pet carrier is the perfect thing. Little dogs get tired and this is an easy way to carry them around. A dog carrier is especially handy if you and your pet fly together. From a basic tote bag to designer dog carriers made of leather, make sure the dog carrier you choose allows your pet to stand as well as to sit, has good ventilation, front and side access, and is easy to clean.

A great selection of dog houses.
Some dogs live outdoors. If your dog is just too large or too active to live in your house why not set him up in his very own dog house in the back yard? Our dog houses page offers a wonderful, easy-to-assemble choices from Amazon


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Coolaroo, Precision, Petmate and more...
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