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Does your pet have a favorite pair of dog boots?

OK, so you may never know which pair of dog boots really are your pet's favorite but you can be sure that wearing them protects his paws. Dog boots, while adorable on all dogs, also aim to protect your dog's pads from rough terrain, cold, wet weather and environmental hazards such as grass pesticides.

Muttluks provide comfort, protection and durability to keep your pet and his paws healthy and warm any day of the year.

What kind of dog boots?

Dog boots are available in a multitude of styles and colors, so choose the type of dog boot suitable to the conditions he will be up against. If it's not that cold outside and you just want to keep your dog's paws clean, try a fleece dog bootie. Skid-reduction vinyl pads make these useful indoors, too if your dog tends to slip and slide on the hardwood floors. If conditions are rougher, All-weather Muttlucks, lined with fleece and made with waterproof materials add a greater level of protection. Free Spirit makes a dog boot out of Cordura wrapped in Tough Tek for extremely rugged conditions. Great if your pet joins a dog sled team.

How to put dog boots on his feet?
Now what about the macho dog who's never worn a pair of dog boots before? How can you convince him that footwear is good for his health? Starting slowly is key. Try putting just one boot on followed by plenty of praise. If he's not too keen on the idea, wait awhile before trying on the second one, up to one day if necessary. Keep persevering until you have all four boots on. Then it's time to head outdoors and let your pet try out his new dog boots. Once he grows accustomed to them he'll appreciate the comfort and protection they offer. Or maybe just the attention he gets!


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