dog-collars-and-dog-leashes   From puppyhood to senior, dog collars and dog leashes make excellent training and safety tools.  


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From puppyhood to senior, dog collars and dog leashes make excellent training and safety tools

Even the most loyal dog can escape accidentally so having the right dog collar and dog leash is essential. Make sure the collar is sturdy and with your dog's tag clearly visible. If your dog is very young, small, or has had a neck injury, using a harness may be a better option.

Dog Collars and Leashes - Best Sellers
Head collar offers fast, gentle effective way to control unwanted behavior without harsh methods or devices.
Safer than traditional choke collars. Reduces the risk of escape.

Personalized or designer dog collars.
If the standard leather or nylon collar doesn't excite you try a personalized dog collar. Have your dog's name embroidered on it or pack it with rhinestones. Whatever you choose, designer or classic, luxury or basic, just make sure the weight and width of the collar is proportionate to your dog's size.

When do you start?
Dog collars and leashes should be used as soon as your puppy comes home. Remember to check the fit as your puppy grows. Getting your young dog accustomed to his leash may take training so start with just a few minutes each day. A six foot leash is the most practical and versatile. One that is made from leather is great since it softens as it gets older. Nylon leashes are another popular choice. They are stronger and offer more color options. Some people prefer to use a retractable leash allowing their dog more freedom while on a walk.. You can decide what works best for both you and your dog.

Other training tools are the choke or slip dog collars. These can be dangerous and should definitely only be used for the purpose of training. Many trainers are moving away from this method, instead using 100% rewards-based training.

Dog collars and leashes, fashion accessories and safety tools. Whatever your preference, leashes are an essential training tool allowing you to communicate with and control your dog.


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