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Big Dog Clothing

Big Dog Clothing - Giving Them the Warm Fuzzies

Okay, a lot of people laugh when they see a little toy poodle trotting past wearing their pink fleece coat with bunnies on it, and a matching hair ribbon. But the truth is, big dog clothing is just as popular, and just as stylish.

Many small breeds are sensitive to extreme temperature changes, and where they tend to be a household pet, it's hard for them to tolerate the sudden cold of a damp spring or winter wind. However, large dogs that are kept indoors, or who work in the outdoors and heat up, become chilled when allowed to just sit in the cold.

That's why many manufacturers who formerly made only the dainty little styles, are now producing large dog clothing in greater quantities.

Some of the more popular items are knitted sweaters, patterned according to your tastes, or activities; hooded sweatshirts, that feature a leash opening at the neck and drawstring at the waist to keep out drafts; and raincoats, which are particularly nice for big dogs with long coats, who insist on going out in wet weather.

Clothing for big dogs, or small ones for that matter, should fit properly. So be sure to measure your dog from the base of the neck to the base of the tail for length, and around the chest just behind the shoulders, for their girth. Lengthwise, large generally starts around 21", and goes through Xlarge and XXlarge up to 28", depending on the item, and the maker.

And yes, you can get costumes for big dogs. No longer do you have to put up with the neighborhood Shih Tzu in their angel wings. You can now dress up your Doberman as Santa Claus, complete with leg loops that mimic boots, a jingle bell belt, and a hat with attached beard.

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About the Author: Betty Sleep is a freelance writer/editor from New Brunswick, Canada, whose work has appeared in print and other media, for almost 30 years. Her specialties are humor and historical material. She is the author of "Ten Minute Trivia" and the Purrlock Holmes children's novels and is a contributing author to an online resource for the best dog supplies and accessories available online.



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