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Crate Training Puppies - Getting the Upper Paw

Crate training of puppies is one of the best ways to establish house breaking, early on. It also has a host of other benefits that will make life with Rover, a lot easier

If you are planning on getting a dog, the breeder, or even a library book, can help you with tips on crate training a puppy. The first thing you'll need, is to purchase a crate suitable to the adult size of the dog, so that it will be useful in the future as well.

The choice of cages/carriers to be used in puppy crate training is fairly comprehensive, but in general, the recommendation is for something that has lots of air circulation, and preferably open spaces so that a young puppy can see what's going on around them, and not feel isolated from the family.

When introduced to their crate early, a puppy will take it as part of their routine, that they are placed there at night, or when you are absent. It also comes in handy as a discipline tool, when there has been too much rambunctious tearing through the house, since it can serve as a handy place for "time out".

Even very young puppies don't want to soil where they sleep. The enclosed space they are permitted in their crate, will help deter them from going as soon as the urge strikes. Of course, the real key to good housebreaking is to make sure you take the puppy out as soon as it eats, wakes up, or has a play session. Crate training a puppy will help enormously, particularly at night, but the owner must also keep in mind that they are young, and their bladders and minds have not yet developed a sense of control.

Once established that this is their "space", your dog will often retreat to it, even for a nap. If you have purchased the type of crate that folds down or comes apart in sections, it is portable enough to take on trips for stays in hotels, or at a relative's house.

Crate training is a wise investment of time and money, which will yield benefits for the life of your pet.

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