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Discount Dog Beds Are Good Bargains

If the family pooch is a little rough on your furniture, and even rougher on his own, you might want to consider a discount dog bed, where lower prices don't necessarily mean lowering the quality.

There are many pet beds made with the owner's pocketbook in mind, as much as the dog's comfort. Along with a reasonable price, it's entirely possible to get something of value and durability.

Among the styles you'll find, are the "bean bag" shapes, the mat type with imitation sheepskin on one side, and faux fur or material on the other, as well as those with a rolled edge, so there is someplace to rest a weary chin.

When shopping, check out what material the bed is made from, and whether it is machine washable, and more important, whether the whole bed can be put into the washer. Some of the mat types contain a foam slab as a mattress, but not all dog beds have removable covers. While this type can be washed in your machine, they can't be put in a dryer, and sooner or later, the foam deteriorates and comes apart inside.

Check the seams, and make sure the material is securely stitched. Make sure you also examine the fabric itself. Some prints are nice to look at, but if you have a dog that rolls and digs, it won't last, whether it's a discount dog bed or a higher priced item.

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