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Does my pet need dog booties - and how will I get them to stay on?

If you're wondering if dog booties are really necessary, let me just tell you that many pet owners swear by them! Let's consider why your canine might benefit from wearing boots.

Take a look at what dog boots were designed to do: to add a protective layer to keep his paws safe from getting cut, scraped or injured. Places where this may be necessary are:

  • When hiking with you on Rocky terrain

  • When exposed to glass, chards and sharp objects
  • When exposed to cactus

Boots for dogs were also designed for weather and environment. Much the same way as we feel cold when not acclimated to the cold outdoors, so are our canine friends. Here are a few conditions that warrant dog booties:

  • When walking in rain, snow, ice and salt
  • To protect against lawn pesticides
  • To protect from snow balling on feet

While a dog bootie is protective for your pet, they may also protect you and your home. Consider a pair to prevent scratching on hardwood surfaced or around the pool. Also, protect yourself from his claws while swimming together, ouch!

How do I get dog boots to stay on?

The best dog boots are those with Velcro straps. To determine the correct size, you will need to push down on his foot and mark the left and right side of his foot on paper. Measure the distance between the marks. Compare the boot sizes. The width of the foot should be smaller that the boot size.

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