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Dog crates provide a safe haven for puppies and make training your dog easier

Young puppies can be trained by introducing them to dog crates from the start. Puppies should receive positive reinforcement only and treat based rewards to get them interested in going inside their new crate. As dogs are den animals by nature, this is by no means cruel. In fact, by getting your puppy accustomed to his new crate you are helping him to feel rested and secure in a space he can call his own.

The ideal size in choosing a crate is to plan for the dog's ultimate size.
While the crate may seem huge compared to the size of the puppy, adding a divider to separate the crate into two areas (one for eating, the other for sleeping), will reduce the extra space. As your puppy grows you can get rid of the divider and he will have all the room he needs without your having to purchase a new crate.

An important reason for crate training your dog is that you will find it easier to travel with your pet.
Dogs that have been crate trained are very comfortable with their homes and adjust much more easily to dog carriers and dog kennels used for air travel and car travel. Or if your pet is staying behind, this will make your dogs kennel boarding experience less stressful. It is possible to board your dog in the comfort of his own dog carrier or dog kennel, a familiar space that he feels secure and comfortable in.

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