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Dog Packs - For the active dog and dog owner

For the active dog and owner duo, the latest trend is dog packs for those hiking trips or other outdoor pastimes.

Dog backpacks are nothing new, but they are becoming quite refined, with designs that will place most of the weight towards the shoulders, where a dog's back is strongest. One of the most popular materials for the packs, is Cordura Nylon, which has the ability to breathe, a plus in hot weather when the dog is working, and a good portion of their back and sides is covered by the packs.

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Regular packs, and service dog saddlebags are generally made in one piece that is placed over the back like a horse saddlebag. The two sides will have various pockets and compartments, according to what your needs are. Most models have straps that are slipped on over the head, and then snap-buckled under the chest, with quick release features. The service packs are designed with roomy pockets for easy access, and large zipper pulls. They range in size from large capacity saddlebags, which may bulge sideways depending on the contents, to lighter, flatter packs for more restricted spaces, such as the office.

Many models of dog packs and service dog vests come with reflective stripes for nighttime visibility, and patches announcing their role as a trained, or training service dog. Some also come with release features that allow you to remove the pack while the dog is at rest.

If you plan to travel with your dog, and have your own special supply backpack, you can now get a dog pack that comes with custom fit bowls and water bottle for them, and room leftover for some of your stuff, too!

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