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Essential dog supplies are needed to be totally prepared for any kind of natural disaster.

If the "big one" comes are you prepared with the essential dog supplies and dog products to save your pets life and keep him healthy?

It doesn't take much to put it all together. After all, if you're living in an area predisposed to natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, or floods, you've probably already set aside supplies for you and your family. The next step is to consider what your dogs needs will be and add his dog supplies and dog products to your own.

If you live in California as I do, and are likely to encounter an earthquake (scary thought!) put aside a kit designed to deal with this disaster.

Getting your dog disaster ready.
Have at least one week worth of dog food and water ready. As a general rule of thumb, one gallon of water per dog per day is adequate, but less for small dogs and more for active dogs. Be sure to replace the dog supplies annually if unused and water every three months.

Other suggested supplies:
For security and protection you will want to include:

  • A dog leash and collar: This will keep him from wandering off to areas that may be dangerous and may contain hazardous materials, contaminated water, broken glass and such.

  • A first aid kit: Your family's kit is great. But be sure to add bag balm and masking tape, and dog supplies your pet may need.

  • Dog boots: These will protect his pads from hazardous objects and glass.

  • Veterinary records: Important information about your dog's health.

  • Prescription medication: Be prepared!

Some additional dog supplies and dog products: A warm blanket, treats and toys, a brush or comb, and anything else you think is necessary.

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