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Fleece-Lined Muttluk Dog Boots - Protect your dog's paws

If you're worried about how winter will treat your pooch's paws, then you should have a look at the fleece-lined Muttluk dog boots. They offer warmth, durability, and unique features for the best fit.

The fleece lining is what distinguishes them from the all weather Muttluk dog boots. Both styles feature waterproof coated fabric in the foot, leather toes, (nylon for very small dogs), and leather soles that are specially treated to be water and salt resistant.

All Muttluks have self-tightening hook and loop straps for quick, secure fastening, which provides a snug fit. Reflective material on the straps from 3M Scotchtape, gives the dog more visibility after dark.

The problem of leg fit is solved with the Muttluks' stretchy and versatile cuff that folds back to adjust the length, and which dries out fast when wet outside in the snow, or washed indoors. They also come in a reusable cloth mesh bag for washing or storage.

If comfort for your canine is as important as getting value for your money, these rank right up there for treating Rover, right!

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