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Halti Training Collars - Getting A-head of the Game

There are any number of reasons that people are unable to control their dogs on a leash, which is why the Halti Training Collars are becoming more and more popular. It could be a lack of obedience training, simple stubbornness on the dog's part, or a physical problem of the owner's, such as arthritis, or poor balance that is threatened when a dog jumps or surges forward.

The Halti head dog collars work on the simple principle that a dog doesn't like their head turned on them. The two straps fit around the muzzle, and up over the back of the neck, forming a dual-part correction system, triggered by the leash fastened to a ring under the muzzle. When the dog tries to dash forward, the muzzle loop tightens, and the neck loop applies pressure as they reach the end of their leash. The effect is to bring the head down and around, which would be a submissive position in the wild.

Another model constructed along similar lines, is the Gentle Leader, also made with the loop around the muzzle, and over the back of the neck. The theory behind its success, is that as pack animals, dogs are often disciplined by the alpha animal, who will grip them by the muzzle. The pressure applied to the back of the neck, is reminiscent of their discipline as puppies, when the dam would pick them up.

Both models have been found to be effective in controlling the exuberance of a dog with too much "joie de vivre", whether it is a toy poodle, or a St. Bernard. The head collars, which are often mistaken for muzzles, but which don't restrict the dog's mouth in any way, are extremely useful for the elderly, physically handicapped, and pregnant handlers.

Whether you need them for control, or as an aid in proper training, a Halti head dog collar or a Gentle Leader, offers a simple, but effective way of getting and keeping your dog's attention.

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