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How to Get Rid of Fleas - Putting an End to Summer Pests

Even if you have a small pet who only goes outdoors to "visit the trees", there is still a chance that they can bring unwanted visitors into your home. How to get rid of fleas can then become a top priority, as the dog and your family, start scratching.

In the past, flea control had only a few very basic products, the most problematic of which was the powder. Yes, it had the ingredients to kill fleas, but it became airborne and was often breathed in by pet and owner, alike.

There were also flea collars, but all they did basically, was keep fleas from infesting the dog's head and neck area, which left the rest of their body as fair game.

Many owners now choose prevention, as opposed to knowing how to get rid of fleas, although some popular products perform both functions.

For those who are reluctant to use more potent chemical means of flea control, there are the Program pills from Novarits. Program consists of an insect development inhibitor, lufenuron. Fleas cannot reproduce without a blood meal, so when they bite the dog, they are ingesting the inhibitor, which works by preventing the structural cover of flea eggs from forming. Fleas that cannot reproduce, die off in short order and are not replaced. Using Program at least during the warm/damp months, should keep the flea population from gaining a foothold on your pet. Program can be used in conjunction with "immediate kill" products, but which ones, should be checked, first.

Chemical means to get rid of fleas includes Frontline, Advantage, and Revolution liquid treatments, which come in a tube according to the dog's size. Frontline will kill all fleas on the dog within 18 hours, and ticks as well, while providing continuous protection for 30 days, even when swimming or bathed. Advantage stops fleas from biting, in under five minutes, and 98% of fleas on the animal are dead within 12 hours. Revolution has a wider usage, since it controls not only fleas and ticks, but also prevents heartworm disease, as well.

While all of the above are good products to get rid of fleas on your dog, or prevent them from becoming a problem, if you have a real flea infestation in your house, you will also need to check out products for treating your premises, so that the humans don't suffer as much as the dog. Once your home is flea free, regular use of a good flea product, will keep them from coming back.

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