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Innotek Smart Dog Collars - Good Dog, Happy Owners

When it comes to deciding whether or not to use a stimulus/warning device for training your dog, many people turn to the Innotek Smart dog collars, for the broad range of units made for different sizes and uses, as well as Innotek's free, professional training support.

Dog training can be difficult, particularly if your pet is incredibly hard-headed. That's when many pet owners find themselves desperate for an answer to how they can make Fido behave. The answer is what used to be called an "electronic" collar, but is more properly referred to as a stimulus collar, since it's primary functions are to deliver tones consistent with praise or discipline, and if necessary, variable low levels of stimulus to indicate the behavior must stop.

Among the range of innotek smart dog collars available, are those meant for small house pets, and larger dog collars such as the Innotek Trainer. You can also get hunting dog collars that beep at a specified interval, either while the dog is in motion, or at the point. For training a pair of dogs at the same time, try the two dog basic trainer, a package with two collars and one transmitter.

Another useful product, incorporating the stimulus collars, is the Innotek Smart Dog Basic Contain-N-Train system, for keeping your pooch in an unfenced yard. The system is simple to install, with a perimeter wire that is buried in the ground, and an indoor radio transmitter. It also comes with a handheld transmitter for up to four levels of correction. The systems can be purchased to cover up to five acres, and will come with the battery operated training collar, transmitter, instructional video, flags for visually defining boundaries for your dog, and free professional training support via a toll free number.

The Smart Dog Collars are often all a person needs to keep Rover where he belongs, but if you want more security, and freedom for your pet, you might like to check out the in-ground fencing.

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