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Suggestions on how to come up with good male dog names.

Is it ever easy to come up with a good name for a male dog? Each day you've got more possible favorites. I tend to think that you can come up with good dog names on your own, without the help of a book or the internet. Just spend some time with your new pooch and see what comes to mind. Then say it out loud to see if the name fits.

But, if you're getting desperate, time is ticking, and you still can't come up with some good male dog names, ditch the prophesizing and soul searching, and head directly to a good bookstore. There are plenty of good and free suggestions online as well. I've read that Max is the most popular one right now for male dogs. Did you read that also?

Some sites suggest that you name your dog after something meaningful to you. For example, if you are a passionate gardener or horticulturist, why not name your pet something masculine but with Latin botanical speak? Something like Leonotis or Calocedrus (you can call him Cal for short).

I know that your pooch is like your new baby especially if he is a puppy, so do take the necessary time to come up with some meaningful and appropriate male dog names!

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