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Protecting Your Dog's Paws in Winter - Relief for Cold Feet

Depending on the breed of dog, some canine paws are more sensitive to the winter cold, than others. In addition, the salt and sand on paved surfaces, can be abrasive to their feet. Protecting your dog's paws in winter can be important if you want to spend any time outdoors with them, or if they are outside for prolonged periods.

One solution to the problem, is a set of dog boots. These come pre-made in sets of four, which fit a given range of foot size, usually measured by the paw width, and length from toe to back of the foot. Others are custom made, and for the truly active dog, these may be the better choice, as you get exactly the type of structure and leg length that your dog needs.

The types of material that winter boots are made of, vary from leather to the preferred Cordura nylon. Little rubber dog booties are cute, but there are a couple of issues that you need to consider. First, dogs sweat through their feet, and if out for a long time, the dog's feet may give off moisture. If you opt for rubber boots, make sure they have an absorbent, non-slip lining, that is removable for washing and drying.

Ideally, the most protection for a dog's paws, comes from waterproof boots that fit well around the leg. However, the fit depends largely on whether the boot is really made for a dog that size, and whether they close with buckles, Velcro or laces, that provide a snug top to keep out the snow.

Check out the material your dog boots are made from. Do they have a non-slip lining? Are they made with a minimum of seams to reduce stress points that could leak? Have they been waterproofed with tape that makes the boot too stiff for comfortable movement? Is there a toe cap that helps to keep the booties from twisting around their feet?

The choices in winter dog boots are almost as plentiful as they are for humans. Take your time and find the one that will suit your dog's size and activity level.

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