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Radio Fence Containment Systems - Safety and Security for Your Pet

For dog owners with problem pooches who dash off their property the minute they get a chance, one of your best options is to look into the radio fence containment systems to keep Fido, down on the farm.

Pet containment can be a problem in municipalities where there are leash laws, and your home has no fence around the lawn. Leaving a dog tied outside is unwise, particularly when you are absent. It can also frustrate the animal, so that they're more prone to running away the minute they are off the chain.

So if you're looking for a secure way to keep your family's best friend at home, the radio fence containment system offers the answer to your concerns.

The system is simple to operate, and comes with instructional videos on how to set it up, and train your dog. The basic components are a transmitter, which sends signals along a wire that is laid around the outside boundary of where the dog will be permitted to go, and a battery operated collar, which will sound a warning as the dog approaches the "no cross" zone. If they attempt to leave the property, their collar will give a mild correction.

The wire included in the kit can be supplemented for larger yards. It can also be left on the surface of the ground if you prefer, but when anticipating long-term use, it's better to bury the wire and keep it safe from lawn mowers and people tripping over it.

For your initial training, the package contains white flags for marking the perimeter of the lawn or yard, to give the dog a visual reference. Most dogs are receptive to the training, and you may find that the flags come down much sooner than anticipated.

A radio fence will give you peace of mind, and your dog more freedom, an unbeatable combination.

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