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Sherpa Pet Carriers - Keeping You Together

The industry leader for pet travel bags that take your dog where you want to go, are the Sherpa Pet Carriers. Carefully tailored with safety and comfort in mind, they are renowned for their durability and utility.

No matter where or how you're traveling, when shopping for small dog carriers, ask to see the range of products from Sherpa. You'll be surprised at the variety of models, which go beyond the usual soft-sided pet carrier.

You can now get travel dog carriers in sizes and weight capacity for almost any small to medium sized canines. There are even carriers on wheels, for ease of transportation at motels or airports, as well as models which have a shoulder strap, that converts to use as a backpack.

Some of the Sherpa bag's features are the microfibre fabric, the mesh ventilation panels, padded bottoms with a board for stability, lambskin liners, and interior leash rings to prevent accidental escapes when you unzip the bag.

Be sure to purchase the Sherpa pet carrier that is appropriate to your dog's size and weight. Measurements should be made from where the collar lays on the neck, to the base of the tail, and from the floor to the top of the shoulder. Keep in mind, that while the Sherpas are airline approved, each individual air carrier has regulations regarding the size of the carrier/animal that may be put under a seat.

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