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Dog Car Seats - A New Outlook For Your Pet

Most pet owners are concerned for their pet's safety in an automobile, and opt for that instead of allowing them the freedom to watch the traffic passing by. But dog car seats can give you the same peace of mind, while giving your pet a view of the world outside.

When traveling with your pet in the car, it's important to make sure that they are secure, and not allowed the freedom to roam, because in an accident, a dog is as much a projectile as a piece of luggage.

The image of a dog with its paws on the dashboard may be attractive, but it's also dangerous. However, that doesn't mean your dog has to sit down and be bored, which can be a problem on long drives.

Small to medium sized dogs will benefit from one of the various types of dog car or booster seats, to lift them up to window level. These seats come in a range of shapes and styles, from a bucket type, where the animal is sitting down inside a cocoon with a thick bottom, to the "bench" models, which are suitable if a dog likes to lay down while riding in the car.

In general, most car seats for dogs either have removable covers, or they are made of washable materials, although some may be more durable than others. They also come with loops or open-ended pockets, so that the car's seat belt can pass through and secure the booster bench to the vehicle.

The dog seat alone is not a safety feature. It's still necessary to have a harness to secure the dog. When shopping for a booster dog seat or bench, check the package, as many do come with free harnesses, or else a strap that will connect your own harness, to the seat belt.

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