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Natural Flea Control - Pest and Poison Free Pets

Many people are rejecting the chemical methods of repelling pests, in favor of natural flea control for their dogs. As the movement grows, so does the list of homeopathic and holistic ways of dealing with these pests.

One of the most popular trends, is adding garlic and brewer's yeast to a dog's diet, either in their food as powder, or given in tablet form. In addition to flea control, it is touted as a mosquito repellant, and contributes to healthy skin and coats.

An important part of pest control for your pets, is keeping their environment free of fleas. This can be accomplished by cleaning with boric acid, which needs to be tested on colorfast surfaces. Your yard can be treated with a spray that is made from a worm or nematode that is the natural consumer of flea eggs and larvae. They are dried, crushed, and reconstituted in liquid form.

When it comes to bathing your dog to control fleas, a favorite product is Synergy Labs Neem Oil Natural Flea & Tick Shampoo. The formula contains 1% Neem tree oil, a natural pesticide/fungicide/ used for thousands of years in Asia. The Neem tree produces a compound known as azadirachtin, which protects it from damaging insects. Oil is extracted from the seeds, and used in products for insect repellants, including natural flea control. The azadirachtin, which is an insect growth regulator, halts the growth of their exoskeleton. Because it is more effective on early stages of fleas, regular bathing is recommended during flea season.

Fleas are not the only pests your dog will have to deal with. Like humans, they will also be attacked by mosquitoes, gnats, and a variety of flies. One way to deal with them, is by using Canine Skreen All Natural Insect Repellent. The handy spray bottle contains a blend of several ingredients with repelling qualities, including cedar oil, citronella, rosemary oil, and olive oil. It keeps the bugs off Bowser, and won't stain your clothes. It's also safe for puppies, and use around humans.

When you want to do what's best, for man's best friend, it sometimes pays to look outside traditionally accepted treatments for common problems.

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